Price for Services

Bacial (Back Facial) Service

Back Facial                   $40

Includes the same techniques you would find in a basic facial, including deep cleansing, steam to open pores, exfoliation, purifying mask, and extraction if needed, for clogged pores. 

Vitamin Scalp Treatment‚Äč                $65

Soothe your scalp and give your hair a shiny boost with a vitamin scalp treatment. The breakthrough formula is designed to restore a youthful shine to damaged hair while protecting it from styling stress, colorfading, pollution, UV damage, and frizz. The serum is infused with 18 amino acids from select seaweed plants, as well as dozens of vitamins, trace elements, and minerals to give your hair the nourishment it needs. An add on bonus is the scalp massage is Ohhhh so relaxing!!!!!

PACKAGE 1: $85 Deluxe Bacial

Bacial with hot towels, 30 mins., back massage, scalp massage, and sugar feet scrub.

PACKAGE 2: $70 Relaxing Bacial

20 mins. Swedish massage, with hot towels on back and feet. 

PACKAGE 3: $60 Sugar scrub bacial with back massage.

Mask (Specialty)        $15

Back facial masks are the perfect skincare treatment, to help you with your skincare concerns. Acne prone skin, deep cleansing, or any skin related issues on your back will be addressed with a mask. 



Removal of hair from upper lip



Removal of hair from the chin


Side of the face

Removal of hair from left and

 right side of 

the face


Full Face

Removal of hair from lips,


and side of the face



Removal of hair from outer 

side of the 

panty line


Brazillian (Bald)

Removal of all hair in your 

most intimate area



Removal of all unwanted hair 

between the 



Eyebrow Tinting

Color your eyebrow(s)


Mustache/Beard Tinting

Color your mustache/beard


Wax Package:

Brazilian/Bikini wax 

with vagical and 

FREE underarm wax. 

Color your mustache/beard



Removal of hair from 

underarm above


Upper arm

Removal of hair from elbows 



Lower arm

Removal of hair from elbow 




Removal of hair from chest 




Removal of hair from both legs and thighs(one or the other is $50, both are $100)



Removal of hair from the back



Removal of hair from your 


intimate area



An ingrown hair treatment to

 help prevent

and treat ingrown hair in your most intimate  area.


Body Scrubs

Whole body scrub

To remove dead skin cells from the surface of the skin. To 

improve texture, and to 

cleanse the skin. Also, help to 

prevent ingrown hairs. 

$100 (save $25)

Back scrub

To remove dead skin cells to 

make the back smooth.


Legs scrub

To remove dead skin cells and

to make the lower legs 



Hand scrub

To remove dead skin cells to make the hands soft and 



Arm scrub

To remove dead skin cells to 

make the arm smooth.


Upper thighs

To remove dead cells from the upper thigh area to make your skin smooth. 




Swedish massage is the most 

popular type of massage that 

involves a more relaxation type of massage for the whole


$45/30 mins.

$75/60 mins.

$125/90 mins.

Aromatherapy Wrap

A light calming massage using a blend of essential oils. Some of the benefits are stress 

reducing, anxiety reliever, 

decrease in muscle tension 

and total relaxation.

$50/30 mins.-10 mins. massage with 20 mins. wrap

$80/60 mins. -40 mins. massage with 20 mins. wrap

$110/90 mins. -70 mins massage with 20 mins wrap


Heat application will result in 

an increase of blood flow to 

the area called vasodilation.

The result of this increased 

relaxation can be used to 

decrease joint stiffness, 


muscle stiffness, and reduce 



hot towels, CBD lotion, hot stones, essential oils, weighted heat pack, biofreeze and etc...


Pregnancy massage help 

relieve some of the aches and pains of pregnancy. You must 

be in your second trimester 

with no health problems.

$60/30 mins.

$120/60 mins


Chair massage allows you to 

stay clothed while kneeling in a padded chair that supports

 your neck, chest, and knees, 

while experiencing the same as if you was on a massage table. 

$20/15 mins.

$25/ 20mins.

$35/30 mins.

The Ultimate Spa Experience

60 mins., full-body Swedish 

massage with heat pack, hands and feet wrapped in warm 

towels for extra relaxation, 

10 mins., scalp massage, with a FREE spa gift bag ($15 value).


"Spoil Me"

50 mins., full-body Swedish 

massage with hot steam 

(optional), sugar hand and feet scrub, along with a feet soak 

and feet massage. 


"Just let me relax"

45 mins., full-body Swedish 

massage with warm towels on back and feet, along with hand gloves to soften skin on hands. 


Your Licensed Esthetician

Licensed Massage Therapist#2748

LaToya R. Thompson