The skin is the largest organ in the human body and plays an important role as the first defense against infection. Dry skin conditions can prolong healing processes, but, moisturized, intact skin creates a barrier to keep moisture in your skin and infectious agents out. Here are a list of benefits you receive from a facial: skin consultation, steaming to open pores, cleansing and toning, to keep skin intact, extractions if needed, a treated mask, also a hand, arm, facial, neck and de'collette' massage. Microdermabrasion and silk (chemical) peels will also be offered. (TBA).

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Benefits of waxing

Waxing lasts longer than shaving because it pulls the hair from the roots, No cuts or nicks that can leave you with scar(s), and for many, waxing makes the hair grow slower and finer. For better results, hair length need to be 1/4 an inch. We do offer bikini, mankini, and brazilian waxes. 


We recommend you drink plenty of water to flush out all of the toxins after any type of massage!

Your Licensed Esthetician

 Licensed Massage Therapist#2748 

 LaToya R. Thompson